Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well you found my blog, so either I told you about it or it was an accident. This blogs purpose is to help keep me consistently practicing in the field of illustration. I will likely be using a simple number two pencil or mechanical (.5) and branch out into using a tablet, hopefully posting every day. While feedback is appreciated, i'm doubtful that I will receive more than a few cursory comments so I won't hold my breath waiting.

For my first post, I won't be show casing my practice but rather the icon/avatar my brother and I made. I did the pencil work,  and my brother modified and colored the image using Adobe Flash CS3. You can find his work at the following link Drawasaurus. I thought I would post the icon/avatar here to give people the full image if they wanted to see it.

Below is the original sketch the icon/avatar was modeled from. This was made before I did any practice from the how to draw books I have been, and will continue to study from. I know it's not perfect, but, I do think it would be interesting to use as a base for coloring practice when I learn to use my Wacom tablet and Adobe Flash CS3. I left out some lines that will allow me to also work on several parts of the character: pupils, hair, clothing, and breasts primarily.

Well, i'm looking forward to progressing as an artist. Hopefully, my honest intentions coupled with consistent hard work and dedication will help propel my progress into the world of visual arts.

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